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“The Shield” actor Michael Jace shoots, kills wife

Michael Jace has admitted to fatally shooting his wife April on the night of May 19, a report by the Los Angeles Times stated.

Michael Jace, 51, is best known for his role as an L.A. police officer in the TV drama “The Shield”. According to LA police, Michael admitted to shooting his wife April Jace multiple times in their home in Hyde Park on May 19. April had just gotten home from picking up their sons from baseball practice and was killed in front of them.

Police noted that the actor had a history of violent behavior; he was accused of multiple counts of domestic violence some 20 years ago by his former wife Jennifer Bitterman.

The deepest thoughts of our entire team at Marshall & Taylor PLLC  go to the family and friends who are currently grieving in the untimely loss of April Jace.