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Divorce will be harder in NC under “Healthy Marriage Act”

Couples looking to get divorced in North Carolina could find it more difficult to get divorce if the new proposed regulations are approved by lawmakers.

Republican Senator Austin Allran, representing Alexander and Catawba counties, proposed changes to Senate Bill 518 in late March. Under the proposed changes, entitled the “Healthy Marriage Act,” couples who want to divorce their spouse will have to undergo a two-year separation period, extended from its original one year, and will be required to take counseling courses. The proposed change will also strip the enforced separation, allowing couples to remain together during the separation. During the two year separation time, couples will also undergo courses on communication and the impact of divorce on children.

Also under the proposed change, a written notice of divorce intent will need to be furnished by the person wanting to end his or her marriage prior to the two-year waiting period.      

Divorce is a difficult process, and should these changes be approved, could become even more complicated and drawn-out. To better understand your situation and rights if you are going through a divorce, call 919-833-1040 today. Our lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, have the knowledge and experience to guide you adeptly through this process.