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‘Pregnant man’ files for divorce from wife of 9 years

Thomas Beatie, regarded as the ‘pregnant man’ by the media, has filed for divorce from his wife after nine years of marriage. He has made claims indicating that his wife was physically abusive towards him and was also mentally abusive to him at times.

Beatie gained national attention after he announced to the world that he was pregnant with his first child. He had made the transition from a female to a male but left his female reproductive organs in place in order to start a family with his wife, who was unable to have children.

The couple have three children together, two young boys and one little girl. Beatie’s claims persuaded a judge to issue a restraining order against his future ex-wife, and he was able to receive full temporary custody of the children. His former wife will be able to see the children each week for six hours as long as she is supervised.

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