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Parents who smoke could lose custody of their children

Action on Smoking and Health, an advocacy group that is against tobacco use, recently gathered data related to child custody cases and smoking. Their findings indicate that several United States courts are beginning to put a large emphasis on smoking around minor children.

Non-smoking parents are being awarded custody on a more regular basis. These parents are also using evidence in court that their former spouse is a smoker in order to obtain these custody outcomes. Smokers are not granted full custody due, in part, to the negative side effects of their harmful habits.

Numerous court rulings showcase these beliefs on tobacco use among parents of minor children. A man in Georgia took his ex-wife to court over the custody of their young daughter. He presented evidence showing that their daughter developed asthma, and his ex-wife, a smoker, continued to smoke cigarettes in her presence. The judge in the case awarded full custody to the father.

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