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Signs of marital misconduct

According to divorce laws, adultery and other types of marital misconduct contradict the laws of marriage and are grounds for divorce.  Research shows that there are 4 main things to look out for if you suspect your spouse may be being unfaithful to you and your marriage.

One of the major signs of adultery is when a spouse begins to appear like they are trying to impress somebody by grooming more often.  For example, women may get their nails done more often and men may use hair gel or other grooming products more often than usual.

In addition, increased technology use could be a sign that a spouse has connected with somebody and is trying to communicate with them indiscreetly.  Similarly, unusual call patterns or text messages on cell phones often give away if a spouse is being unfaithful.

Lastly, experts recommend trusting your instincts.  If you have a feeling that you spouse may be cheating, you most likely have this feeling for a reason.

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