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Man challenges child custody ruling on basis of religious bias

Recently, an Indiana man announced that he will challenge a court's child custody ruling giving his ex-wife sole custody of his three children believing that the court used religious bias in its decision.  29-year old Craig Scarberry and his ex-wife, Christine Porcaro, both previously practiced Christianity, but Scarberry now identifies himself as agnostic.

Scarberry feels that the court let his religious beliefs sway their decision based on two unnecessary references to his religion in the ruling.  The ruling makes a note that Scarberry and his ex-wife did not share the same religious beliefs and that while the two both practiced Christianity "the parties were able to communicate relatively effectively".

"I lost my children due to courtroom games and religious bias," said Scarberry of the decision.  The court's commissioner stands behind his decision and told reporters that child custody decisions in Indiana are made based on the parents' ability to agree on issues such as religion, parenting philosophy, health care and education.

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