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Billionaire pays child support to former step-daughter

Former majority shareholder of MGM Resorts International and billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, 93, will continue to pay child support to his ex-wife's daughter despite the divorce and not being the girl's biological father.  Lisa Bonder, 45, and Kirk Kerkorian were married in 1999 for 28 days.  Today, Kirk Kerkorian is still legally Bonder's 12-year old daughter's father.

The couple were together for several years before the brief marriage.  During a previous child support battle, Bonder admitted to using saliva from Kerkorian's older daughter for a DNA paternity test of her 12-year old Kira.  Bonder told the court that Kira's biological father was movie producer Stephen Bing.  Since 2002, Bonder has been trying to obtain child and spousal support from Kerkorian.

A recent settlement gives Kerkorian continued joint custody of Kira and calls for $100,000 of child support a month until she reaches the age of 19, when he will pay $50,000 a month.  In addition, the billionaire will pay for school expenses, extracurricular activity expenses, clothing, housing, food, travel, tutoring, entertainment and pets.

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