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Dad violates custody order, flees to Thailand with child

38-year old Samuel Lee Horton was arrested and brought back to the United States after FBI investigators discovered that he had fled to Phuket, Thailand with his 3-year old daughter.

Horton and his wife are divorced and have a son and daughter together.  Horton was granted visitation rights, but denied custody rights of his children after the divorce.  Last year, Horton forged his wife's signature in order to obtain a passport for his young daughter before fleeing to Thailand with her.  Horton had told his wife we was taking their daughter to Disney World.  Horton had a job and had enrolled the girl in school in Thailand.

Horton has already plead guilty to the charge of falsifying a document and will face a charge of violating a custody order in federal court.  Horton faces up to ten years in prison for the charges.

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