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Domestically violent men and women have similar personality traits

A new study conducted by a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia shows similar personality traits in male and female perpetrators of domestic violence.

The study used 567 psychiatric patients to analyze if they exhibit normal personality characteristics, psychopathic characteristics, or mentally ill characteristics.  138 women and 93 men in the study had histories of domestic violence.

Zach Walsh, the author and professor leading the study, stated, "These new findings are among the first to highlight similarities between subtypes of domestically violent men and women".

The three subtypes and similarities found in the study are: low pathology perpetrators have generally normal personalities and are rarely violent outside of the relationship, dysphoric perpetrators suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness, and antisocial perpetrators exhibit high levels of psychopathic characteristics and are violent outside of the relationship.

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