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Johnston County remembers victims of domestic violence

Last Thursday, over 100 people gathered together at the Johnston County courthouse to remember victims of domestic violence incidents in the county.

In the last month Johnston County has seen a number of high profile domestic violence cases, including one recent one resulting in the death of a 4-year old girl.  A week earlier, Devinne House and her son were killed by her husband and on July 1st, Elizabeth Reyes was shot by and killed by her husband.   

A spokesperson for Harbor Inc., a Johnston County non-profit helping domestic violence victims, stated, "This is a severe problem in all communities, not just Johnston County…It's all across North Carolina and the United States".  

Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle stated, "As friends, as neighbors, as family members, we can make a promise to do a better job; to be aware of circumstances that might be occurring right next door or in our families and not be afraid to step in".  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the remembered victims.