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NC police use fourteen questions to stop domestic violence

Interact, a Wake County domestic violence shelter, developed a list of fourteen questions for law enforcements officials in North Carolina to use to assess the risk of domestic violence in a situation.  

Interact supports victims of domestic violence and promotes awareness of domestic violence.  Interact's clinical educational director, Stephanie Francis, believes that the questions not only help police determine the risk of abuse but also victims.  "It's easy to not want to believe how dangerous the situation can be," stated Francis.

The questions address threats, violent tendencies, weapons, and the victim's thoughts.  For example, has the physical violence increased in frequency in the past six months or year?  What do you think will happen between you and your partner in the near future?  Are you expecting a violent attack?  

If a victim answers yes to three or more of the fourteen questions they are considered to be at high risk.

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