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Men victims of domestic violence too

The week of Father's Day is also National Men's Health Week which recognizes health issues specific to men.

One issue often ignored is male victims of domestic violence.  While women do make up the large majority, 85 to 95 percent, of domestic violence victims, men can just as easily be victims of physical and verbal abuse.

The exact number of male victims is very hard to determine because the numbers are low, and made even lower due to the assumptions that men cannot be victims of domestic abuse.  Domestic violence experts and psychologists believe that many men are reluctant to admit that they have been abused.  Furthermore, signs of domestic abuse easily noticed in women, like bruising or injuries, are often simply regarded as sports or work injuries in men.

While it is crucial to stop domestic violence against women, it is very important that domestic violence against men be recognized and not hidden in order to put an end to it as well.

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