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Facebook source of evidence in divorce court

The social networking site, Facebook, grows daily and currently reports having 400 million users.  Considering this, it may seem easy to believe that something posted on one's Facebook is trivial and that your page is only one in millions.

However, Facebook is becoming the new source for attorneys and private investigators to gather evidence on suspects.  In divorce cases, it is very common for a husband or wife to come to an attorney with suspicion of infidelity, only for this to be confirmed via wall posts, statuses, and pictures posted on Facebook.

In a recent case this past April, a woman saw her lawyer after believing her husband had started drinking again.  After a friend informed her of pictures on his facebook of him drinking alcohol a few weeks before the case, her lawyer decided to present these to the court knowing it would undermine the husband's credibility.  The wife won the case soon after.

Simple things like someone's apparent behavior or the way they express themselves online can be the pivitol factor in a case.

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