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Marriages in which men contribute to housework more stable, study says

When men contribute to housework, shopping, and childcare, their marriage is far more likely to be stable and remain so, a recent academic study claims. 

“The results suggest that the risk of divorce among working mothers, while greater, is substantially reduced when fathers contribute more to housework and childcare," said Wendy Sigle-Rushton, a senior lecturer at the London School of Economics. 

“That men’s failure to contribute to housework can increase the risk of divorce may seem surprising, given that all of the families in my sample had fairly young children over the time period they are followed and a divorce would have had substantial economic consequences and would not have relieved most mothers of housework and childcare responsibilities,” she continued. 

The risk of divorce in a situation where the woman returns to the workplace while her husband does not help in the housework increases 97 percent, according to the report.

“This study underscores the importance of taking into account relationships between’s men’s behaviour and marital stability. In economic and sociological research, there has been too great an emphasis on women’s paid work and not enough attention given to the division of unpaid work,” said Sigle-Rushton.

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