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Sandra Bullock simultaneously undergoes divorce, adoption

Actress Sandra Bullock announced this past week that she has recently adopted a baby, while news surfaced that she has also filed for divorce.

Ms. Bullock filed for divorce from husband Jesse James last Friday in Austin, according to media reports. The couple has been married since 2005 and started the adoption process together four years ago, but separated after rumors surfaced in December of Mr. James's infidelity. The adoption went forward as planned, but with Ms. Bullock listed as the sole legal parent rather than sharing joint custody. She has adopted a baby boy, named Louis.

Divorce involving a child can become highly emotional and complex. In Ms. Bullock's unique situation, however, the adoption was settled prior to the divorce with Ms. Bullock as the sole caregiver, so child custody is not likely to be an issue in her divorce.

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