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Soap Star Rebecca Budig to Divorce Bachelor’s Guiney

Soap opera star Rebecca Budig, wife of former reality TV star Bob Guiney  has filed for divorce.


According to court documents obtained from Los Angeles Superior Court last Thursday, Buding filed a divorce petition, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Buding, star of the television show 'All My Children', listed September 7, 2009 as the date of separation. She has requested that the court deny Guiney spousal support. The couple have no children together.


The 38 year-old Guiney became famous after appearing as the title character in the ABC reality show 'The Bachelor'. The couple were married in July 2004, about a year after Guiney divorced his wife Estella Gardinier, who he met on the set of the reality show. 


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