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Dennis Hopper Claims He’s Broke in Divorce Filings

Legendary actor Dennis Hopper is claiming in divorce filings that his battle with prostate cancer has left him broke.


According to court papers filed Monday, the "Easy Rider" star is claiming that he is too ill to work and can only afford to pay his estranged wife, Victoria Duffy-Hopper, $5,000 in spousal support. A statement made by one of Hopper's doctors said in a deposition that "it is doubtful that Mr. Hopper will ever recover sufficiently to be subject to a deposition."


Hopper earned $57,000 in 2009 from residuals, and is expected to earn around that amount this year. According to court documents, Hopper's accountant listed the actor's liquid assets at $300,280 plus an additional $10,900 in Hopper's corporations. 


Hopper claims in the court filing that he has been living off a $450,000 line of credit,  with "no further borrowing possible."


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