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Rapper Nas, Singer(?) Kelis Divorce

Hip-hop superstar Nas and his ex-wife, one-hit-wonder Kelis,were divorced yesterday.

Kelis took the stand in the trial, testifying that sheattempted to reconcile with her husband in September but did not. She addedthat she has difficulty earning money now because there aren’t a lot of joboptions outside of the music business. She also has full time custody of theirson.

Nas testified that he would like overnight visitation withhis son. He argued with Kelis’ lawyer, Laura Wasser, about not paying hisDecember child support and spousal support in full. Nas stated that he believedhe had paid in full.

The judged ordered Nas to pay $10,647 in child support,$40,454 in spousal support and $46,022 for Kelis’ legal fees.

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