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Tom Sizemore Hit with Child Support Lawsuit

Actor Tom Sizemore owes more than $58,000 in child supportaccording to a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife in Los Angeles Superior Court thisweek.

Ex-wife Jinele Mc’Intire claims she is owed the money inback support for the couple’s twin boys that were born in 2005. Mc’Intire saysthe actor, famous for roles in movies like Saving Private Ryan, Point Break,and Heat, last saw his children when he was filiming the television show “SoberHouse” for which he was paid $200,000.

Mc’Intire stated in the lawsuit “Tom Sizemore is a Dead BeatDad.” She claims that due to the lack of money she has been forced to live witha friend while her children stay with her brother in Texas.

Mc’Intire is also seeking health insurance and legal feesfrom Sizemore.

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