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Ex-Yahoo President Facing Messy Divorce

Sue Decker, the former president of Yahoo, is getting a divorce. After a break-up was confirmed two years ago, Decker and her soon to be ex-husband are now getting a divorce. In a letter sent to Decker’s legal team, her husband says that “Sue seems to be particularly upset that it has come to light that she has engaged in illegal drug use for many years, has had(an) extramarital affair(s), has undertaken to record (secretly and illegally) Mike during his exclusive time at the Laguna home, and so forth.

“Sue is now blaming Mike for the situation that exists – a situation that consists of nothing more than Mike conducting proper discovery to probe the accusations Sue has made as well as Sue’s denials (primarily her denials by silence – the invocation of privileges against self-incrimination).”

Decker, who has not publicly responded to the accusations,is seeking to collect evidence concerning Decker’s purported and unspecified accusations about her husband.

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