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Man Accused of Running Adoption Ponzi Scheme

A New York man is suspected of running a Ponzi scheme thatpreyed on couples looking to adopt. Kevin Cohen, 41, pleaded no guilty Fridayto grand larceny and other charges after a Long Island couple told prosecutorsthat they paid him $60,000 in fees for a baby that he never delivered.

15 other couples in Georgia, Ohio and Texas have contactedthe Nassau County prosecutor’s office telling similar stories. Nassau CountyDistrict Attorney Kathleen Rice likened the case to a Ponzi scheme becauseCohen partially refunded some disappointed couples with money from new clients.

Rice said of the case “This was so much more than just afraud scheme… The emotional turmoil he put these couples through isunimaginable. You have couple after couple who just want to provide a niceloving home for a baby.”

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