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Oxford Student at Center of Landmark Divorce

A student at Oxford University is at the center of a landmark divorce battle over his wife's £100 million fortune. Nicolas Granatino, 38, was awarded £5.5 million despite signing a pre-nuptial contract in which he promised not to make a claim on his ex-wife's inheritance. Katrin Radmacher is trying to overturn the payout in the Court of Appeal. She wants the prenuptial agreement the two signed in Germany to be recognized under English law. 


Mr. Granatino is the son of wealthy French industrialist and former vice-president of IBM, Antoine Granatino. His father's estate is estimated at upwards of £30 million, but Granatino insists it is closer to £6 million. 


Since English law does not take into account any future inheritance, the judge who awarded Grantino his £5.5 million payout was unable to speculate on what he may be worth when his father dies. Ms. Radmacher now lives in Germany with the couples two children. She has taken the case to the Court of Appeal. A Ruling will be handed down at the end of this month.



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