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Palm Beach Judge Wins in Alimony Case

Palm Beach Circuit Court Judge David French won his long-running battle to stopy alimony payments to his ex-wife. Boward Circuit Judge Arthur Birken heard the case because all Palm Beach County judges were disqualified. In a decision this month Birken ruled that French should not be required to pay the $3,400-a-month alimony to his ex-wife because she has been living with another man for almost 20 years. 

“There does not appear to be a distinction to this court between remarriage and mere cohabitation in a supportive relationship in this case, “ Birken said. He also ordered French’s ex to repay the $151,000 he paid while the case was tied up in court. 

The legislature passed a law in 2005 saying ex-spouses should not be required to pay alimony if their former partner is in a supportive relationship someone else. French filed the suit in 2006. 

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