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Court Upholds Brind’Amour Child Support Decision

The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that Carolina Hurricanes captain Ron Brind'Amour can pay less child support than his former wife had agreed on. Brind'Amour divorced his wife Kelle in 2003 agreeing to pay $15,000 a month in child support for their three children. In 2006, saying that he wanted to "instill the value of frugality and hardwork" upon his children, Brind'Amour sought to lower the payments. In December 2007 Wake County District Judge Debra Sasser ruled to lower the monthly payments to $9,147.

Kelle Brind'Amour appealed the ruling, claiming it was not based on the facts of the case, and that the judge should not have intervened in a private agreement. The Court of Appeals said that previous court rulings allow for judges to reverse private child support agreements, if they find them to be excessive. The judges ruled unanimously to uphold the lower courts decision. Saying "The trial court in its discrestion, determined a portion of the expenses claimed as related to the needs of the children were either unrelated to need or exorbitant."


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