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Study Finds Professional Women More Likely to Get Divorce

It will come as no surprise that divorce rates in the United States are higher than ever.  However, a recent study has found that divorce rates among couples in which the wife has a professional degree are even higher than those for the rest of the population.

Washington & Lee University School of Law Professor Robin Fetwell Wilson studied survey results from more than 100,000 professionals.  Her findings show that women with law, medical and M.B.A.s are more than twice as likely to be divorced as men with the same degrees.

Wilson's study also shows that professional women are increasingly less likely to get married in the first place, with marriage rates far below those of professional men.

Experts advise that professional women carefully consider their compatibility with a possible husband, and be open to men who aren't necessarily professionals like themselves.

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious one may be, divorce is often a fact of life in today's society.  If you are considering divorce, it is important that you have a qualified legal representative on your side.  Contact the Raleigh divorce lawyers of Marshall & Taylor by phone at 919-833-1040.