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Why People Choose to Adopt

The decision to adopt a child is a highly personal matter than can have many personal, financial, social, and emotional factors. While the popular image of an adoptive family focuses on parents who cannot conceive children of their own, there are actually many reasons to adopt. This article will review just a few of the most common reasons adoptive parents have given.

While bringing a new family into a loving home is a beautiful occasion, it also brings its share of difficult legal matters. To help your adoption process run as smoothly as possible, call Raleigh adoption lawyers Marshall & Taylor PLLC at (919) 833-1040.

Common Reasons to Adopt a Child

Some of the reasons people have chosen to adopt children include:

  • The chance to help a child in need. Millions of children across the US and the world are waiting for permanent, nurturing homes. Adopting one of them can make an immeasurable difference in his or her life.
  • The opportunity to adopt an older child. Some people love older children, but have a more difficult time living with infants who need constant care. While adopting an older child is not easier than caring for an infant, some families find it preferable.
  • Unexpected opportunities. Not every adoptive family planned their lives that way. Sometimes adults choose to adopt their stepchildren, or offer their homes to minor relatives whose parents have become unable to care for them.
  • Lack of a partner with whom to have a child. North Carolina allows single adults to become adoptive parents. The law is unclear on the rights and responsibilities of gay adoptive parents, but our Raleigh adoption lawyers can help you make sound arrangements for your family.
  • Barriers to conception. Infertility is just one potential reason that couples may decide not to conceive children on their own. A couple may have genetic conditions they do not want to pass on, or simple feel ambivalent towards pregnancy or childbirth.

Regardless of why you have chosen to adopt, our experienced Raleigh family law attorneys can help you research your options and make healthy choices for your family.

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