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What to Do After a Divorce

Many people find themselves ready to celebrate once their divorce is finalized. Many of the legal and financial matters have been settled, and now they can begin building their new lives. In most cases, however, there are still some loose ends to tie up even after all of the official paperwork has been filed. These can include financial, legal, and even emotional issues that must be addressed.

If you are going through the process of divorce, or are considering the option, the Raleigh divorce attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC can provide the guidance you need. Our information and advice can help you settle your legal matters and avoid complicated divorce missteps. Call our offices today at (919) 833-1040.

A Partial Checklist

Below are only some of the things you may need to take care of after a divorce. Our Raleigh divorce lawyers can help you with these and any other legal matters you may be facing post-divorce.

  • Take care of property titles. You will need to make sure your home, car, and any other major assets are in the correct person’s name after your shared property has been divided.
  • Work out your new schedule. If you have children, you will need a clear understanding of the shared custody schedule and how it will fit into your daily life. Even without kids, your regular routine can be greatly impacted by divorce. Get out a calendar and make sure important events are correctly recorded.
  • Let people know about any changes in your contact information. If you have a new address or have changed your last name, there are many different parties who will need to know. Make sure your bank, credit card companies, and other creditors know about the change. You will also need to update your driver’s license and other important documents with your new information.

There are many details to look after when you are recently divorced. Staying organized and informed can greatly help you cover all of your bases.

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