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What Is Divorce from Bed and Board?

If you are considering divorce, formal legal separation, or informal legal separation in North Carolina, you may have heard of the term “divorce from bed and board”. Despite the implications of the name, this legal action is not a divorce, but rather, a court-recognized separation. This type of legal separation requires specific actions and reasons to be recognized.

If you feel that a divorce from bed and board may be the best option for your legal separation, you need experienced legal counsel to help define your case. Please contact a Raleigh divorce lawyer at Marshall & Taylor PLLC today by calling 919-833-1040.

Divorce from Bed and Board

A divorce from bed and board is a legal separation action that is fault-based. This means that one spouse would bring this action against the other spouse because of some harmful action. Many bed and board divorces are the result of negligent relationships or abusive ones. A divorce from bed and board must be granted by a judge. The judge will determine the complaint that is filed before issuing the bed and board divorce.

This action is a legal separation and not a divorce, so the two separated parties are not capable of remarrying until a formal divorce is filed. But this separation does force the party at fault to leave the resident of the filing party. This separation is enforced by law and must be obeyed by the party at fault.

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If you believe that a bed and board divorce is a healthy option for you, you need legal counsel to assist you in properly filing your complaint before a judge. . Please contact a Raleigh bed and board divorce lawyer at Marshall & Taylor PLLC today by calling 919-833-1040 for more information.