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Wedding and Engagement Rings after Divorce

Engagement and wedding rings are synonymous with marriage. Engagement rings can vary in cost, but according to statistics from 2009, the average engagement ring costs $5,847. For many men, an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases he will make in his life, and even though these rings signify the eternity of a couple’s love, the dedication to one another can fade over time. In these cases, many couples struggle and argue over who gets the engagement and wedding rings after divorce.

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Wedding Ring Possession

In the United States, it has become an unwritten rule for men to spend two month’s salary on their fiancée’s engagement ring. With the average salary in America at $3,361 dollars a month, this equates to $6,722 for a ring. Because of their large price tags, many couples argue over ring possession after divorce. When deciding who gets the ring, the state of North Carolina typically considers the following:

  • The majority of courts treat engagement rings as a conditional gift until the marriage takes place. When the couple gets married, the gift is complete and becomes property of the recipient.
  • If the marriage fails, generally the court grants ownership to the recipient of the gift.
  • If the ring is a family heirloom of the donor, the couple should discuss who gets it in a prenuptial agreement.

If you have any questions or concerns about division of property in a divorce case, contact a divorce attorney.

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