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The Causes of Divorce

No two marriages are alike. As a result, no two divorces are identical. What many miss is that the causes of divorce are as varied as the marriages and divorces that are a result of them. A marriage can end for any reason under the sun, from abuse to falling out of love.

The causes of a divorce are the factors that compel an individual or couple to decide that they have had enough and to decide to dissolve a marital union permanently. In the majority of cases, particularly those that cite “irreconcilable differences,” the things that lead to a divorce are complex and specific to the couple’s relationship, troubles, and life experiences.

There are a number of causes of divorce that are commonly cited by the parties when filling out papers or speaking with an attorney. The partners’ relationship styles, poor communication, lack of commitment, infidelity, problem behaviors (alcoholism, etc.), financial problems or difficulties, different parenting styles, and even in-laws are all cited as reasons for a divorce.

While there is no way to predict if a marriage will end in divorce, there are a number of factors which provide some sort of correlation between divorce and marital bliss. The quality of a couple’s premarital relationship is one of the biggest indicators of whether that couple will make it. If the couple had problems before even walking down the aisle, these problems typically don’t disappear. They frequently lead to other problems which have been known to cause divorce.

Oddly enough, statistics show that couples that live together before they get married have a higher chance of divorce than do couples that do not live together before marriage. In these cases, which seem counterintuitive, the couple’s relaxed approach to marriage after living together or pressure to marry after living together may be the reasons for divorce.

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