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The Adoption Home Study

If you choose to expand your family through the adoption process, one of the first steps you will need to complete is called a home study. This will involve visits from members of the adoption agency, a series of interviews, and probably some kind of training course. Many adoptive parents feel nervous about the home study, but it is not about harshly judging your family. It is just an opportunity to learn more about adoption while the agency gets to know you.

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What Will Happen in a Home Study?

The specifics of your home study will vary depending on the agency through which you find your child. The basic components of must home studies, however, include:

  • Home visit: A representative of the adoption agency will need to see your home to make sure it meets certain regulations. These are usually not very strict, but rather basic requirements such as working smoke alarms and adequate room for a child. This is also a chance for the agency to learn about your neighborhood, home life, and daily routine.
  • Training: Not all agencies require training for adoptive parents, but many due. This is your chance to learn about unique issues that foster children cope with, as well as parenting techniques and helpful resources.
  • Interviews: You may need to go through a series of interviews so the agency can make sure you are matched with the best child for you. You will probably need to provide documentation about your income, health issues, family relationships, and background. You will also answer questions about your parenting philosophy and expectations as a parent.

All of this may seem nerve-wracking, but remember: adoption agencies are not looking for perfection. The most important thing is your ability to provide a safe and stable environment to a child in need.

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