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Temporary Restraining Orders

In the midst of a divorce, you may be subjected to a temporary restraining order, meant to keep each party from taking any action which hinders the divorce process. A temporary restraining order can prohibit the following actions:

  • Using vulgar, profane, indecent, or obscene language in any communication, whether written or by telephone, with the other party, in an attempt to bother, offend, or alarm the other.
  • Using threats, either by phone or in writing, to take unlawful action against the other party, with the intent to bother or alarm the other.
  • Anonymously telephoning the other party at an unreasonable hour of day or night, in an either offensive or repetitious manner, without any legitimate purpose of communication with the sole intent of annoyance or alarm to the other party.
  • Causing bodily injury to the other party or to the child of the other party in an intentional or reckless manner.
  • Threatening the other party or a child of the other part party with immediate and imminent bodily injury.
  • Damaging or otherwise destroying, removing, or hiding the property of either party, intentionally or recklessly, with the intent to hinder the ability of the court to divide the estate in a just manner or to cause substantial loss or inconvenience to the other party.
  • Intentionally falsifying records or writings that relate to the property of either party.
  • Intentionally refusing to disclose or misrepresenting the amount, existence, or location of any property that belongs to either party.

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