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Teenagers and Divorce

Teenagers generally have a different reaction to divorce than younger children. After revealing your
divorce plans to your teenager, he or she may express anger or depression, may act withdrawn toward
one or both parents, or may even bottle up his or her emotions and refuse to speak at all.

Here are some simple strategies for helping your teenager cope with divorce:

  • Keep the changes that your teenager must experience as a result of the divorce to a minimum. Consider
    keeping your teen enrolled in the same school, and try not to change his or her regularly scheduled
  • Encourage your teen to maintain existing relationships. Make sure your teenager spends adequate time
    with grandparents, extended family, and close friends.
  • Try talking to your ex-spouse about enforcing consistent disciplinary rules between the new households.
  • Don’t use your teens as an emotional crutch. Be open with your kids, but don’t unload your problems
    on them. Seek additional outside help for yourself rather than adding additional stress to your teen’s
    life at this trying time.
  • Get outside emotional support for your teenager. Your teen may not want to talk to you or your ex-spouse
    about their emotions during this trying time. If necessary, consider encouraging the teen to spend time
    with other family members, trusted adults, and friends to whom they might vocalize their problems.

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Divorce is a difficult time and affects every family member in different ways. While dealing with their
divorce, parents of teenagers should also exercise care to make sure their kids deal with the divorce
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