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Successful Joint Custody Arrangements

When the parents of a child decide to pursue a divorce, it is typical for the court to work out a custody agreement so that both parents can see their child. These joint custody agreements set out very specific guidelines for when each parent can see their child, and they are beneficial for the child as well as the parents. However, it is not uncommon for joint custody arrangements to result in continued acrimony between the divorced parties, particularly regarding how they choose to raise the child.

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Tips for Successful Joint Custody

Joint custody can be difficult to successfully maintain, especially if there is ongoing bitterness between a child’s parents. The following tips can help make these arrangements work:

  • Stick to the terms of the joint custody agreement to avoid arguments

  • Avoid insulting the other parent in front of the child

  • Respect the authority of the other parent when the child is in their care

  • If your child has concerns or complaints, discuss them civilly but directly with the other parent

Following these useful tips can help to make joint custody a successful arrangement that benefits your child.

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It is important for the success of a joint custody arrangement that both parents accept its terms. If you are considering a divorce and need assistance setting the terms of your joint custody agreement, contact the Raleigh divorce attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, at 919-833-1040.