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Succeeding in a Second Marriage

After a divorce, it is difficult to think about ever suffering through that type of stress and anguish again. Many people spend years exploring the single life before getting remarried, while about half of all divorced people get remarried within four years of their divorce. Sadly, divorce rates among second marriages are even higher than the divorce rates from first marriages. If you are considering remarriage after divorce, it is important to evaluate the issues that caused your last marriage to end and ensure that they do not repeat themselves in your new marriage.

Reasons for Divorce

People get divorced for countless reasons. However, some reasons for divorce are more common than others, including:

  • Financial arguments, disagreements, or poor spending habits
  • Drug or alcohol abuse problems
  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

If these conditions persist throughout a marriage, one or both spouses may decide that a divorce is the best decision. Unfortunately, these problems may be likely to arise again in future marriages. If you decide to enter into a new relationship after your first marriage has ended, it is important to evaluate the negative conditions of your previous marriage and ensure that they are not present in your new relationship.

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