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Step-Parent Adoptions

These days, blended families are very common in the US, as the divorce rate has risen in recent decades and many divorced parents have moved on to second marriages. Sometimes a child’s biological parents and step-parents all play an active role in his or her life. In some other cases, a child comes to see a step-parent as his or her “real” mother or father.

Adopting a step-child grants full parental rights to the adoptive parent, making it a serious legal move as well as an emotional event for many people. To learn more about our state’s regulations in this area, call the Raleigh adoption lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC at (919) 833-1040.

The Biological Parent’s Rights

Before an adult can adopt his or her stepchild, the biological mother’s or father’s parental rights need to be voluntarily relinquished or legally revoked. Revocation of parental rights may occur when there is proof of abuse, abandonment, or certain other criminal offenses. In many cases, however, the biological parent must be contacted and asked to relinquish these rights voluntarily.

A biological parent is seen as giving implied consent to the adoption of his or her child if he or she:

  • Has not offered financial or emotional support to the child within over six months of the petition for adoption being filed
  • Has left the child with his or her other parent without support for over six months
  • Has not maintained a parental relationship with the child for over six months

Determining whether or not a parent still has parental rights with regard to his or her child can be a very complex legal area. Our experienced Raleigh step-parent adoption attorneys can advise you about what to do in your specific circumstances.

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