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Spousal Support during Separation or Divorce

One obligation of marriage is that spouses depend on each other for financial support. In many marriages,
one spouse relies on the other to support him or her in all endeavors. However, in the event of a divorce,
suddenly this relationship is broken and one partner may be left without the financial support that
came from the relationship. Therefore, some partners are legally obligated to continue to financially
support an ex-spouse, even after a divorce.

Spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, is term for the obligatory payments made by one
partner to the other after a divorce. Since in a marriage, spouses have made a commitment to support
each other, sometimes this support can continue after a separation or divorce. Spousal support can either
be a temporary or life-long solution.

Many different factors affect the amount of alimony one party is obligated to pay, as well as the duration
of the payment. They include:

  • Marriage length
  • Length of legal separation before divorce
  • Relative income of each partner
  • Future financial prospects of each partner
  • Fault of marriage dissolution
  • Recipient’s gender
  • Age of each partner
  • Health

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