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Newly Single on the Holidays

After a divorce, the holidays can be an increasingly stressful time. You were used to sharing these
times with your spouse, and now you are faced with being newly single over the holidays. You can combat
the stress by viewing the holidays as a time to reevaluate yourself and your situation, and can use
the time to begin the healing process and create new beginnings.

Even if you’re holding a holiday party or going to some sort of event, you might find yourself more
alone during the holidays than you are used to. Though alone time can be therapeutic, the days may drag
on if you don’t have any sort of plan, so it is important to remember to make plans for yourself to
help you cope. Spend your holiday time catching up on old hobbies, reading books, volunteering with
charities, or working on a project you’ve been putting off.

Prepare yourself for family gatherings. Realize that some family members may prod you for details of
your divorce, while others may make a very obvious effort to avoid the topic. Some people will ask questions
without realizing how inconsiderate they sound, so have a few short, succinct answers prepared to answer
nosy questions so that you aren’t caught off guard. However, retain your dignity and resist the urge
to say rude things about your ex-spouse.

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