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Serving Divorce Papers

In order to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, both spouses need to take the proper first step. This first step requires filling out paperwork, which in this case is a divorce petition. This petition shows that each spouse acknowledges the divorce and the divorce proceedings that will occur in the future.

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Divorce Paper Service

The divorce petition is the first step in the divorce process. One spouse writes the petition and will then serve it to the other spouse before it is filed in the courts. This petition defines the reasons for the divorce and the petitioner’s expectations for the divorce procedure. Common ways to serve divorce papers include:

  • In-person delivery
  • Certified mail, along with the receipt
  • Signed first class mail
  • In a public announcement

Serving divorce papers is just the first step, but it can also be among the most important. Before taking any action, it is important to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney.

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