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Returning to Work after a Divorce

Divorce can change nearly every aspect of your life, including your daily routines, long-term plans, location, and financial status. For people accustomed to being supported by their spouses, getting a divorce or separation may mean it is time to start looking for work. Unfortunately, a job search is rarely easy, especially when you have been out of the workforce for awhile.

Before you make any major decisions about your financial future, you need a clear understanding of your current financial status and your future options. For example, if your spouse provided most of your household’s income, you may be eligible for alimony or post-separation support. To learn more, call the Raleigh spousal support lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, at (919) 833-1040.

Tips for your Job Search

Looking for a job when you are already coping with the stress of a divorce can feel overwhelming. It is important to remember that your situation is not impossible, however. Many people have returned to work after divorce or separation, and you can too. A few tips to help make it a little easier include the following:

  • Use every job-hunting resource you can. In addition to online and print “help wanted” ads, ask friends about job openings, or even visit your favorite businesses to ask if they are hiring. Temp agencies, community programs, and trade magazines can also help.
  • Touch up your resume. Make sure it is clear and precise, without a wealth of unnecessary information like your high school GPA. You may want to check out a resume-writing manual or web site for helpful advice.
  • Prepare for interviews. Potential employers will probably want to know about any gaps in your employment record. Be honest, but do not dwell on any problems you have experienced. Instead, focus on the qualities that make you a reliable employee.

Sometimes making ends meet after a divorce is a struggle, even with a job. Our Raleigh alimony attorneys can help you research financial resources you may be eligible for, including child support.

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