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Pursuing Child Support

State laws hold both of a child’s parents responsible for his or her care. If one parent is granted physical custody – in other words, the child lives with him or her most of the time – the other parent will still need to contribute by making regular child support payments. Failure to make these payments can harm the child’s quality of live by depriving the custodial parent of necessary funds for food, clothing, education, and more.

Unfortunately, failure to pay child support is a common problem among divorced parents. Contrary to the popular image of a “deadbeat dad,” both mothers and fathers have fallen behind on child support payments. This leaves ex-spouses and their children in a frustrating and painful situation. While the situation can sometimes be resolved between the two parents, legal action is often required.

If your former spouse currently owes you child support, the Raleigh child support enforcement lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC can help. We know the legal system inside and out, including the most effective ways to enforce child support orders. Call our offices today at (919) 833-1040.

Contempt of Court

North Carolina courts take child support enforcement very seriously. If your ex consistently fails to pay child support in full, he or she could be found in contempt of court and punished accordingly. Sadly, it is not always easy for custodial parents to make sure this happens. A few steps that can help you collect the payments you need include:

  • Contacting your ex-spouse, if possible. A clearly worded letter detailing what he or she owes, including specific information about amounts and due dates, can help you build your case. Be sure to send it by certified mail so you can receive documentation that he or she received it.
  • Contacting Child Support Enforcement, a division of NC Social Services. They can help you locate your ex if you do not know where he or she lives, issue a court order telling him or her to pay, and enforce the order if he or she does not.
  • Discussing your case with an experienced Raleigh child support attorney. If you have to go to court to receive what you are owed, an experienced attorney can present your case with precision and persuasiveness. He or she can also inform you of your rights and options.

Fighting to receive adequate child support can be a nightmare, especially if you try to do it alone. If your child is not receiving the support he or she needs, do not be afraid to use every resource available.

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