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Physical Custody

When a couple is divorcing there are many issues that must be dealt with, including the custody arrangement of their children if they have any. Creating a custody arrangement can be complicated because there are many variables that must be considered by divorce officials. By having an understanding of what rights are granted for each type of custody, you can more easily come to a custody decision that is right for your family.

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What Is It?

Physical custody essentially means that a parent has the right for their child to live with them. It can be granted to either only one parent through sole physical custody or to both parents through joint physical custody. If one parent is granted sole physical custody, it does not mean that the other parent has no parental rights. In addition to having visitation rights, the other parent may also have legal custody to some degree, which would allow them to participate in making major life decisions for the child.

Many families are in need of assistance when working through this process because it can be challenging to figure out which solution is best for their unique situation.

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