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Pets and Divorce

In divorce proceedings, pets are considered property. Many times, pet custody is easily resolved through division of different property: Person A gets the television, while Person B gets Fido. However, in many divorces, disputes over who gets to keep the dog or cat can cause real controversy. People often form deep bonds with their pets, and a divorce can tear that relationship apart, affecting the well being of both the animal and its human companions. Especially today, when people are investing more and more money and resources into the health and happiness of their pets, pet custody can be a serious issue.

Splitting couples are finding various ways to deal with the issue of pet custody. Some couples eventually resolve that one person gets to keep the animal. Others agree to shared custody or visitation rights, just as a couple with children might. Still others bring the case into the courtroom until the judge can come to a decision over custody rights. This decision is often made based on factors such as when the pet was purchased, who took care of the pet, which parent has child custody, and which person has resources to better care for the pet.

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Divorce is already a time of stress and emotional trauma, and the process can be further complicated by proceedings concerning pet custody. If you are concerned about the ownership of your pets after a divorce, the Raleigh divorce lawyers of the Marshall & Taylor PLLC can give you the legal assistance you need. Contact us today at (919) 833-1040 to discuss your legal options.