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Obtaining a No-Fault Divorce in North Carolina

Many divorcing couples decide to pursue a no-fault divorce because they are often easier to obtain than a fault divorce. Fault divorces require evidence of wrongdoings committed in the relationship in order to dissolve the marriage, but no-fault divorces do not. Instead, a couple can claim incompatibility as long as they meet a few requirements.

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Requirements for a No-Fault Divorce

In order to successfully obtain a no-fault divorce, a couple must complete several different steps and meet certain requirements, including:

  • Spouses must have lived in separate residences for a period greater than a year
  • At least one spouse must be a resident in North Carolina before filing for the divorce
  • Except for in a few cases, marital relations must not have occurred during the separation period

If you and your spouse meet the above requirements, you are likely able to pursue a no-fault divorce. However, it can be important to enlist the services of a dedicated Raleigh divorce attorney to make this process go as smoothly as possible.

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