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Legal Grounds for Divorce

Many states place restrictions or requirements on a married couple’s ability to divorce in order to prevent hasty or unwise decisions from being made about such an important issue. In North Carolina, for example, a couple must first live separately from each other for a certain period of time or otherwise meet the necessary criteria in order to obtain a divorce.

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Grounds for Divorce

There are a number of ways in which a couple can obtain a divorce in North Carolina. For couples interested in pursuing a no-fault divorce, the simplest method is typically to live separately for a period of one year. However, an individual may be able to divorce their spouse more quickly if any of the following fault grounds for divorce exist:

  • Abandonment of family
  • Maliciously turning a spouse out of home
  • Endangering the life of a spouse through cruel treatment
  • Making the living condition of a spouse intolerable
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Adultery

These offer a basic guideline for the allowable grounds for divorce in the state of North Carolina.

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