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Kids, Divorce, and the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult season for families going through the divorce process. Suddenly, old
traditions are broken and new questions arise: Who do the children visit on Thanksgiving Day or over
the winter holidays? How can you coordinate for your children to visit both sides of their family?

During the holiday season, your children may have an even harder time adjusting than normal. Add all
the additional pressure from families who want to get together and the combination may be overwhelming
for your kids. Whether you have custody or not, some simple advice can help you cope with the difficult

  • If you don’t have custody of your children, talk to your ex-spouse about spending a few hours together
    with your children on special holidays. Some parents decide to spend part of the day together to make
    the divorce process easier on kids and to help them adjust.
  • If you know you’ll be spending only a limited amount of time with your children, plan activities to
    do. Keep some of your old traditions, but make some new traditions of your own to help make the change
  • Resist the urge to out-compete your ex-spouse with the presents you give your kids. Children can sense
    the tension caused by competition, adding additional stress to their lives. Talk to your ex-spouse about
    the types of gifts each of you will provide to avoid repeats, mix-ups, and further tension.

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