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July: National Child-Centered Divorce Month

Child psychiatrists and other experts agree that parents’ divorce or separation is one of the most significant life events a child can experience. However, the effect that this event really has on a child has been the subject of intense debate over the years. Some studies have made dire predictions about the lives of children with divorced parents, while others suggest that these children can actually do just fine.

According to Rosalind Sedacca, a certified corporate trainer and a divorced parent herself, the key to helping children make it through a divorce is to simply stay focused on their needs. She began National Child-Centered Divorce Month as a way to encourage parents and professionals to remember the challenges children face when their parents divorce and the help they may need.

What is Child-Centered Divorce?

The basic concept sounds easy: when you are making plans about living arrangements, child custody, and so on, the primary question to ask yourself is “What would benefit my child?” Any material desires or negative feelings towards your spouse need to take a backseat to this important issue, according to Sedacca and some child therapists.

Of course, this is much easier to say than to put into practice. When you are overwhelmed with the financial, practical, and emotional difficulties of divorce, it can be very difficult to set them aside and focus on your children. Many parents find it useful to contact professionals who can help, including family counselors or support groups. A Raleigh family lawyer can also play an important role by helping you understand your rights and responsibilities.

In the end, what your children may need most is basic reassurance. If you are undergoing a divorce or separation, make sure your kids understand a few key issues:

  • The divorce is not their fault, and they could not have prevented it.
  • Both parents still love and care about them.
  • Even though their lives will change, their needs will still be met.

Changing families can still be healthy, happy families. In most cases, it just takes time, patience, and a clear focus on children’s need.

Contact a Raleigh Child Custody Attorney

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