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Is A Restraining Order Necessary?

Domestic violence and abuse can be one of the most traumatizing incidents in a person’s life because it often occurs within close personal relationships. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.3 million women are victimized by domestic violence each year. And though the majority of domestic violence cases occur against women, men, too can be victims of domestic violence. How could it be that this person who you once loved or still do love can be the source of such great pain, and what steps can you take to distance yourself from this abusive person?

If you are the victim of an abusive relationship, domestic violence or an invasion of privacy, you need a qualified attorney to inform you of the potential benefits of a restraining order. Call the Raleigh domestic violence attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC at 919-833-1040 today to discuss your need for a restraining order.

Benefits of a Restraining Order

Seeking a restraining order may seem like a difficult decision to make, especially against someone you have been in an intimate relationship with. But it may be the right option to help you through this difficult time. Some potential benefits of a restraining order include:

  • Physical Well-Being-It is likely that the relationship causing you to consider a restraining order has caused you physical, mental or emotional pain. Alleviate that pain by legally separating yourself from the abusive relationship.
  • Protect Your Family- An abusive relationship can not only put you in danger, but it can also be damaging for your family. Protect your children and loved ones by legally distancing yourself and others from an abusive relationship through a restraining order.
  • Mental Relief-Consider the mental energy you exert finding ways to avoid the abusive relationship. Reclaim that time and energy and gain peace of mind through a restraining order.

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If you or someone you love is experiencing an abusive or intrusive relationship, protect yourself and others with a restraining order. Allow the law to work for you. Please contact a Raleigh domestic violence lawyer from Marshall & Taylor PLLC at 919-833-1040 to learn how we can help you.