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Infidelity in Marriage

It has been reported that up to 65% of men will have cheated on their wives by the time they reach the age of 40. Women are not doing a whole lot better. Surveys have shown that up to 55% of women will cheat on their husbands by the time they reach 40. Fortunately, marriage can survive infidelity.

It is not easy to survive infidelity. It hurts and it takes a lot of effort, but a marriage can survive. Many times, spouses cheat because there is something missing in their marriage or they feel that something is not perfect in the relationship. As a result, spouses will turn elsewhere, even if just once.

Following an admission of infidelity, even if it was just once and not a full blown affair, there will be anger, tears, and depression. In order for the marriage to survive, the couple must get past these feelings and move on to analyzing why infidelity occurred in the first place.

Getting past the feelings to discuss what is wrong does not mean that the two parties get to dump all over each other indefinitely. It means that constructive conversations need to occur, potentially with a marriage counselor, to help both parties get past the infidelity and fix whatever drove one or both parties to cheat in the first place.

In order for a marriage to be saved, the two must commit to the idea of fixing the problems in their relationship. Not all marriages can, or even should, be saved. Some are beyond hope and should not be saved once infidelity occurs.

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