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How a Bad Marriage Can Make You Ill

Many people have heard about the positive health benefits of a good marriage. Partners involved in an understanding, reliable, and caring relationship have positive health benefits. However, a negative relationship can have the opposite effect, and actually decrease a person’s quality of health.

A recent study presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association looked at more than 700 married adults over the age of 50. Each person was currently married in their first marriage. The study focused on different indicators of marriage quality in the face of different indicators of physical health.

The study found that negative behaviors from one person in the relationship were strongly associated with poor physical health of the other. These negative behaviors included being overly critical, being too unreliable, making constant or excessive demands, being continually argumentative, or constantly agitating the partner.

In addition, the negative behaviors canceled out any health benefits from positive behaviors. The author of the study therefore concluded that negative behaviors from one spouse may contribute to the long-term health decline of the other.

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